Friday, January 14, 2011

Broadcast Live Recordings Collection

Photo care of Wexner Center for the Arts

In the face of an unexpected tragedy, one is overcome with a feeling to do something. Broadcast was my absolute favorite band, and Trish's untimely passing has motivated me to do the only thing I know how as a devoted fan. This is a collection of every live recording I have been able to find of the band. I will likely revise it as I find new recordings, but so far this package contains recordings from:

-BBC Lamacq Session (1997)
-Concert from Queen Elizabeth Hall (1998)
-Peel Session (2000)
-Concert from Hove (2000)
-Bernard Lenoir Black Session (2000)
-Peel Session (2003)
-KEXP Session (2005)
-One Music Session (2005)
-Concert in Paris (2005)
-Wexner Center for the Arts (recorded by myself, mixed by Michael Powell of The Decibel Tolls) (2009)

Available Here

RIP Trish